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Can snapchat really benefit your business

15 Jun, 2016

Snapchat is becoming one of the fastest developing social media channels available today but how many of you really use snapchat to help develop your business, especially in the events industry.

You may ask, how can Snapchat offer any benefit to your business? Well brands and content creators are using Snapchat to produce their own unique story to engage and excite their clients. A snapchat story will only last 24 hours, however, if you have an interesting event, you can have a lot of fun narrating the story with geofilters, text and emoji’s. There are over 1 billion views of snapchat stories each day, showing the significance of using the channel to showcase what your business can really do.

Snapchat is the perfect media channel to market a live event, as it will give your audience direct access to exactly what you are doing. Using it for a product launch, exhibition or an opening ceremony will get your client excited because you are providing a different view of what is going on at the event.

Snapchat has more than 100million daily active users, with Facebook still topping the social media charts. However, only 2% of social media users have Snapchat to promote their business.

Why not give your business of great opportunity to stand out and shine on a platform that is sure to grow in the next year? Become innovative, creative and give your clients a reason to want you more!