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The reality of the Events Industry

27 Jun, 2016

With the Expo 2020 approaching and a number of different events lined up throughout the year, it is safe to say the Events Industry in Dubai is peaking to an all-time high. When asked what you do for a living, and reply ‘I work in the events industry in Dubai’, everyone automatically thinks wow, that must be glamourous and exciting!

Well, exciting maybe, but glamorous? Certainly not.

A study conducted by the US-Based Career Cast has actually ranked Event Management the fifth most stressful job, with military, firefighter, pilot and the police topping it..interesting eh?

Of course, you get to work on amazing projects that only people would dream to be involved with, however, that dream would most certainly turn into a nightmare when they realize the long hours onsite, the sleepless nights and the sore feet in 30+ degrees heat.

To be able to work in the Events Industry, you need to adapt a certain skillset that will keep you going throughout the hard times. Communication, teamwork and the ability to multitask are all key surviving tools to obtain. Some people take to the event industry really well, whereas others prefer to stick to the 9-5 job, where you can have your weekends and have free hours in the evening to do as you please.

With all that said, working in the events industry is one of the most rewarding jobs to have. A lot of people, do not realize the blood, sweat and tears that go into a product launch, opening ceremony or even an exhibition stand. They do not see the design stage, the harsh deadlines and the problems you come across onsite, all they see if the finished event. However, when you see your client’s face light up, you can feel a sense of achievement knowing all the hard work and dedication that went into delivering the event, and deep down, you know it is all worth it..deep deep down.