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12 Jul, 2016

IBS-Group have recently been getting involved in many sporting activities during the summer months. It has not only been a great way to promote team spirit but it has also been a great way to promote the company.

IBS-Group first got involved with our very own cricket team in which was great fun for the boys to show off their skills in the office and on the field. We have now entered our very own basketball team where they will be competing with other event companies around Dubai. 

So, we have our boys running around in IBS-Group branded kits, you may ask how can this benefit the company? Well, if different companies hear your name at the sporting events, they are automatically going to want to find out more about you. That’s right, they will hit you up on google!

In time where everyone has a smartphone, the Internet is usually the first place people are going to go to find any information about you. Therefore, this makes it crucial to make good use of available marketing channels on the net.

Send your team out, with branded t-shirts, branded banners, branded caps and you will be sure to bring attention to your company. The next stage is to then share your success all over your social media channels. Here are a few ideas of how you can keep your followers up-to-date with everything.

Add a bit of fun to your employee’s day to day business, trust me, it will go a long way!