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How technology impacts the Event Management in the 21st Century

09 Feb, 2016

Behind the scene we have more technology than ever to ensure projects are designed more accurately bringing you results which are “topics of conversation”, therefore, bringing business to your doorstep. 

Technology also helps us communicate quicker and clearer – avoiding any confusion. It used to take days/weeks to get a reply to a question, now it takes minutes. By collecting data and tracking information on the internet you can now easily get figures for “return on investment”; find out what interest is out there globally for your product and even push your product by what people are searching for on the internet. It is a truly amazing technical world and IBS-group is proud to be thinking outside the box and keeping us ahead of the times to give you the best service possible. 

Access to all this data can give the event planners a far more personalised event which meets your criteria and that of your customers giving you a head start on your competitors. Video – event planners can provide big screens or projected images on iconic buildings and play your videos with great sound, lighting and laser shows to promote your business to a very wide audience.

Events use visual technology to grasp the audience’s attention and we pride ourselves on using the latest and most up to date equipment and technology to ensure your event is phenomenal. Stage sets – We have a massive warehouse where we construct personalised stage sets ensuring your project will be on a perfect platform to meet your needs. Thinking about using us –you won’t regret it. Why not take a look at our extensive portfolio of past projects so you know you are in safe hands!