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We Value

14 Feb, 2017

Imagine a job where your work is not appreciated, all your effort goes unnoticed, and not even acknowledging your big day!

Not your ideal place to work for very long, is it?

We Value- That is the secret of IBS happy family!

At IBS Group, we make sure that we provide a very good work environment where people are happy and encouraged to work despite of all the daily work pressure. We are making our employees feel truly valued, letting them know that the success of the company is not just because of one person but because of each and everyone’s hard work, passion, experience and talent shared.

We celebrate success of everyone, whether you got engaged, married, are having a baby, or even if you passed on your driving licensing exam!

We value everything…this is how we are in our IBS FAMILY!!

In this country where most of the employee are miles away from the family, we in IBS Group have found family here together. Ramadan, Eid, Christmas, New Year and Birthday we all celebrate it together as a one family.

Every end of the month we celebrate our team member’s birthdays, we arrange dinner in the office, blowing out candles, popping balloons and most importantly…we share moments that fill the inevitable loneliness that we may feel from time to time being away from our family and love ones.

The IBS Team is grateful to have Mr. Alan Sconey our CEO who is the coolest boss ever, to be in our team to lead us in the journey towards success, and to appreciate and value our talent and capabilities.