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Instagram launches new logo 2016

11 May, 2016

Instagram is a form out social media many of us couldn’t live without. Posting pictures daily of your weekend fun at the beach or even the latest product in your company. Either way you use it, business or pleasure, Instagram has become one of the most used channels for advertisement.

Last week Instagram hit the headlines with the launch of their new logo which now illustrates a more colourful icon as oppose to the brown camera users normally see in the left hand corner of their tablets.

“Color has always been a huge part of Instagram — you see it in the classic app icon, filters, and the community’s photos and videos,” Ian Spalter, Head of Design at Instagram. This is Instagrams first logo redesign since Instagram first came into our lives five years ago. The move away from a blue UI also separates it from its parent company Facebook, which some users don’t actually know bought Instagram back in 2012 for $1 billion.

The logo launch had an interest reaction amongst users, as some explained the logo to not represent what Instagram is all about, removing the camera icon. However, Instagram HQ hit back at critics explaining the logo is all about unity and bringing people together, which if you really think about it, is actually the case.

What do you think?