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Jaguar SUV Launch

Posted by IBS       |       05 May, 2016

British luxury brand Jaguar late on Monday accomplished a historic world-first for its Middle East launch of the All-New F-Pace performance SUV.

In a fitting tribute to the renowned city of firsts Dubai was a worthy choice for Jaguar to launch the F-Pace, the brand's first SUV, to the Middle East region during a show on the façade of the city's globally-renowned iconic landmark, Burj Khalifa.

IBS Group was proud to be part of the Jaguar F-Pace launch working alongside Imagination. From the design stages to the installation, IBS-Group illustrated true team work and commitment, making sure each aspect oozed perfection. The stage set lifted the new Jaguar F-Pace to all spectators to see making it a truly magnificent wow factor event. The LED show projected on the Burj Khalifa was the perfect backdrop for the event, as it was the first ever paid advertisement to go on Dubai’s most iconic building.