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IBS-Group wishes you Eid Mubarak

Posted by IBS       |       06 Jul, 2016

After a long and hot June, we would like to wish everyone a very happy Eid Mubarak.

During the month of Ramadan, IBS-Group enjoyed getting involved with the festivities with a custom made maijalis, showcasing exactly what The Royal Event Boutique and IBS-Group can do together.

IBS-Group was able to show off their creative side working with The Royal Event Boutique, with our bespoke majalis at The Avenues Mall. It was a great way to showcase The Royal Event Boutiques products, created and sponsored by IBS-Group!

IBS-Group pride themselves on providing unique experiences, so what better way to show off our secrets than to invite our clients to a one on one training day at the office. Jack Morton, visited our office in Dubai Investment Park to talk about what we do and what we have to offer. This was then followed by a tour around the facilities by CEO, Alan Scoley. It was a great day and proved to be very successful, with Jack Morton gaining a better understanding of what IBS-Group is all about!

IBS-Group visited the WOW awards this month and had a great time networking and meeting new potential clients. The Wow Awards is Asia’s largest business & recognition platform for the MICE, LIVE Marketing & Entertainment industry!

We also attended the annual ILEA AGM which saw the introduction of the new board members, with Lee Charteris as the new ILEA President. It was very insightful to see the new objectives of the board and how they plan to implement them throughout the year. IBS-Group fully support ILEA and urge other event companies to get involved and become members. Not only is it a good way to network and meet other people in the industry, but it is also good to have the unlimited support ILEA offer. This is a great way to also gain the recognition of companies that you would think you would already know or come across. So when looking into the time and the time it takes to meet new clients.