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Goodbye July!

Posted by IBS       |       11 Aug, 2016

Another long and hot month for IBS-Group, but what an eventful and fun one it was. With the majority of Dubai out of the country, the team have been making their own fun with a series of events and fun sports.

IBS-Group realize the importance of working as a team, and without everyone contributing in some small way or another we wouldn’t be the Leading Set and Stage company in the UAE. IBS-Group have taken part in the World Trade Basketball Season, winning every game except 1. This is making IBS-Group top of the table and into the final stages of the competition. After winning our first trophy at the Middle East Event Awards this year for ILEA Spirit of Excellence, it looks as though the winning streak has extended throughout the whole company. Follow us on Facebook to keep updated with the boys and the competition! We will be sure to report the sporting activity and hopefully be adding to our trophy cabinet very soon!

Not only are IBS-Group participating the Basketball and Cricket leagues, but the IBS girls are also improving their cooking skills with The Great IBS-Group Bake off. Bringing the team together for a nice evening of icing sugar and chocolate brownies, it was always going to be a successful night! The girls are already excited to see what goes into the mixing bowl next!

Lastly, at the end of every month, we have a celebration looking at all the birthdays and achievements from the staff. This month, we had our very own IBS-Group cake and a little feast as well as welcoming a new member of staff to the IBS-Group family.

We are all about creating experiences not only for our clients but for our staff as well. It helps to keep everyone motivated and helps ensure everyone enjoys and loves what they do, as being creative is not what we do, its who we are as a company!

Keep updated with everything that happens at IBS-Group, because after a few exclusive meetings this month, we are very excited to see what projects come up in the next few weeks!