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IBS-Group work closely with ILEA

Posted by IBS       |       29 Oct, 2016

In the latest edition of the ILEA inspiration sessions, it was great to bring everyone together whilst creating the latest stage set for the afternoon.

ILEA bring together three unique forums from three key areas of our industry. A social media director, a representative from DTCM and a panel of security experts. Their speakers and panelists will be introduced and moderated by one of the UAE best known motivational speakers Dave Crane, The Life Designer.

As IBS-Group won ILEA Spirit of Excellence, we were very excited to work more closely with ILEA on our fantastic stage set. We really wanted to show off exactly what we are capable of! It was a massive hit amongst all ILEA members and we really enjoyed being part such an exciting first ILEA session.

The ILEA stage set represented the different social media channels but it also highlighted a modern and new feel to the event.

With a new committee on the board we are very excited to see what else is in store for the association and we will definitely be on board to help further with any amazing stage sets required.

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