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Dubai Water Canal Launch

Posted by IBS-Group       |       25 Jan, 2017


The IBS Group was a proud supporter for the launch of the fabulous Dubai Water Canal project, an undertaking which literally shifted the geography of Dubai, on a bold scale similar to other world famous projects emerging from Dubai such as Burj Khalifa or world famous Palm Jumeirah. The IBS Group with the collaboration with PRODEA did our own landscape shifting and event engineering, delivering a world leading staging and event launch for the exciting Canal Project launch.


The IBS Group team watched and experienced first hand the shifting sands of Dubai, as the project involved moving no less than 10 lanes of Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road traffic during 2016, seamlessly in the way only Dubai can plan and execute. This only added to the intrigue of the Dubai Water Canal project, of which the promise was fully delivered, and celebrated during the exciting ceremony on 9th of November 2016.


Our team were excited by the technology we were challenged to deploy during the launch event, which offered distinct elements unique to the occasion. Among the highlights were VIP tent logos, coming in at 5 meters high and rotating at the VIP entrance, making a solid opening impact for guests. Similarly making a moving impact, IBS engineered VIP bathroom facilities with high end design befitting the occasion and VIP attendees.


The IBS team worked hard to deliver this world class quality project, which was nothing less than ground breaking - let IBS deliver a ground shifting performance for your event!