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IBS Group focuses on exhibition stand installation

Posted by IBS       |       14 Feb, 2016

As the season begins to speed up, IBS Group has been working with Imagination to help bring Land Rover’s exhibition stand to life at the recent Intersec exhibition in Dubai.

With more than 1,200 exhibitors, Intersec is the largest exhibition in its industry and - with visitors from more than 120 countries - it is also the most international, meaning the Land Rover exhibition stand had to be finished to perfection.

Lorenzo Gempies, project manager for the installation and removal of the exhibition stand, explains: “Installing the exhibition stand took around 12 hours to complete. This is mainly due to there being many different components that have an impact on the overall finish of the stand. IBS Group often receive enquires regarding exhibition stands as the industry out here is huge. We do not really have many problems when it comes to exhibition stands, however overloading is vital as we have to make sure it isn’t damaged, so a lot of focus and concentration is required."